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    • Dematerialisation
    • Transfer of shares
    • Transmission of Shares
    • Misplaced Share Certificates
    • Signature Mismatch
    • Name Change
    • IEPF Claim
    • Recovery of Mutual Funds

    Recovery of Shares

    The Demat accounts & the paper less share trading was not always the trend. Strange but yes its true, not that far behind rather till the previous generation, shares/ debentures were bought & sold in physical form. However, "any investor who is desirous of transferring shares (which are held in physical form) after April 1, 2019 can do so only after the shares are dematerialised,”

    Obviously, it was difficult to stack copies of various share certificates & keep them safely for years. There was always a threat of share certificates being: Stolen, Lost, Get Torn/ damaged, Forgotten or Family being unaware of their existence in case of original shareholder’s demise.

    Sanguine Capital brings to you the complete solution of any issues with the physical documents of share or debentures. Our experts assist clients in resolving doubts/ queries related to share transfer, claims by nominee, name deletion/ modification etc. We have experts to help you recover the unclaimed amount from lost or damaged share certificates as well.

    What we offer?

    As per SEBI regularizations shares can be transferred or sold only in demat form. This does not mean that the old share certificates have become redundant. You can keep the physical share certificates only till the time you don’t want to sell or transfer them to someone else. To sell or transfer the shares you would first need to dematerialize them & then initiate the required transaction. At Sanguine Capital we offer complete solution to our clients for dematerialization of physical share certificates & their sale or transfer.

    Meaning of share transfer – Transferring the title of the certificate of share from the transferor to transferee is known as the “transfer of shares.” An investor may face various problems while transferring share to his name. Sanguine Capital provides services to investors who encounter following problems: –

    • Loss of share certificates
    • Signature mismatch
    • Non submission of transfer deed

    Sometimes Share Transmission becomes very clumsy, It can take a toll on you especially if you are not seeking proper professional advice. We at Sanguine Capital are offering assistance to our respected clients on various issues regarding Share Transmission. Have a look at some of the possible challenges you might face during transmission of share.
    Mixing up transfer of shares with transmission of shares: One of the widely- experienced problems is not to find out the difference between transfer and transmission of shares.
    The Companies Act clearly distinguishes transmission of shares from transfer of shares. While transfer of shares relates to a voluntary act of the shareholder, transmission is brought about by operation of law. Unlike transfer of shares, in case of transmission, shares are transferred without any consideration. The transmission takes place on the basis of will or an agreement.

    As per Section124(6) of Act, 2013 all shares in respect of which dividend remains unpaid or unclaimed for 7 consecutive years have to be transferred to Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF). The process to get shares retrieved from IEPF suspense account is a tedious one. You will get full support from experts of Sanguine Capital in this process. For claiming any of these shares, the applicant needs to file an application with the IEPF Authority along with the necessary documents, Sanguine Capital helps in speedy and hassle free recovery from the IEPF Authority.

    Physical documents are always prone to be lost or misplaced. But, when it comes to your investment documents like share certificates, it becomes very tedious to prove your ownership. Thus, this poses a high risk of losing your hard-earned money.
    Sanguine Capital experts help you in recovering such duplicate share certificates from the Company in a hassle-free manner.

    Many of our clients use multiple signatures for security reasons & at times they forget which signature was used while purchasing a particular stock. Such & many more reasons lead to mismatch of your signatures. Sanguine Capital is here to help you in process of updation of new signature in Company’s record to avoid hassles & delays.

    There might be multiple reasons for change of name of a shareholder like, marriage, astrological belief, Divorce etc. In any such circumstance it is important to get the name changed on all important KYC related documents & investment/ Financial documents. For stocks in physical form name change might get complicated but Sanguine Capital is always by your side to help

    Hundreds of crores are lying unclaimed in the forms of redemption amount of mutual funds. Sanguine Capital provide service in redemption of Mutual Fund which remain unclaimed due to some reasons.
    • Mismatch of name / change of name
    • Change of address
    • Death of mutual fund holder.
    • Closure of bank account
    • Mismatch of signature

    Even if you don’t have details of your mutual fund, but you remember the name of Mutual Funds houses where investment is made, Sanguine Capital can assist in retrieval of information and recovery of those unclaimed mutual funds.

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